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Daily Staffing Guide - (click here to view Screen Shot)

The Staffing Calculator computes (via user-modifiable parameters) the number of RN's, LVN's and CNA's that are allowed for an individual shift (AM, PM, NOC), patient census and patient acuity.  Each shift can be weighted according to their comparative workload.  

1.  In order to calculate staffing by acuity, the Patient Classification Worksheet must be updated for each patient.  Each patient's acuity is then automatically added to the Staffing Calculator.  Click on the gray Patient Classification Worksheet button at the top of the Staffing Guide page.

2.  At the top of the Daily Staffing page, select the appropriate shift (DAYS, PMs, NOCs).  This will be used to calculate the number of Staff Required, since each shift can be weighted differently according to their relative workloads (i.e. showers, meals, procedures, therapies, etc.).

User Configurable Settings

  • Both the "Patient Acuity" and "Shift" weights can be edited directly by entering changes in the appropriate boxes.
  • The brown box entitled "Category" displays how many patients are rated as Low, Medium or High acuity.  A "Low" patient acuity is weighted at 6.4, a "Medium" acuity is weighted at 8 and a "High" acuity is weighted as a 10. The acuity weights are multiplied by the number of patients at that acuity level to arrive at the current relative acuity level.   
  • The "Shift Weight" can also be modified based on each unit's needs.  The default settings are .40 for Days, .39 for PMs and .22 for NOCs.  
  • These weight numbers can be changed to reflect your facility's policy.  Use the default settings to become familiar with the Calculator.  If your facility requires higher or lower staffing, change the Acuity and/or Shift weights accordingly.

A companion "practice calculator" can be used as "scratch paper" to calculate various staffing scenarios. Click on the green "Go To Staffing Calculator" button to use this handy tool.  Weights may only be changed on the main Daily Staffing Guide page.

After completing the Daily Staffing Guide, it can then be printed and/or faxed.