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Recovering Corrupted Files:

Rarely, data files can become corrupted.  The most common cause is due to a power surge or outage while the database is operating.  The purchase of a UPS (Power Supply that's always on) will help to keep this from happening.

Please follow these instructions to recover corrupted data files:

1. Press Ctrl+Shift while clicking on the Nursing Productivity Pak icon in the Start Menu.

2. Hold the keys down until you get a "Open Damaged File" dialog window, where you'll see a list of files. Look for the "Worksheets.ezr" file and open it.

3. If all goes well, it will then be repaired.

4. Open the NPP up like you normally do and make sure that there are no other files that are damaged. Do steps #1 & #2 for any files that are damaged.

5. After everything appears to be working normally, choose "File" menu, then "Save a Copy As". Then choose "Compressed Copy (Smaller)", give each recovered file the same name as the original (i.e. "worksheets.ezr") and click "Save".

If the above procedure is not successful in recovering all databases, you will need to download a new copy and import your existing data into the new copy by following the instructions found in the NPP under "Register/Upgrade to New NPP".


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